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WARNING:  A fraudulent Internet activity known as the sweetheart scam is becoming more common. Scam artists post ads to online dating sites and lurk in chat rooms with names like "40 and single," or "Recently dumped." Often, they reach out to a lonely soul with flowers or candy, purchased with a stolen credit card.

Eventually, the con artists convince their soulmates to do them a big favor -- help transfer funds out of the bank and usually out of the country. Often, the victim is asked to cash a money order and wire the funds to the suitor. The money order turns out to have been been stolen or altered, and the victim must repay the bank where he/she cashed it.

"We've even seen them take as long as a year (to seduce a mark)," says Donna Gregory, supervisory internet crime specialist at the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center. "Con artists will hunt for people's weaknesses, find out what they care about -- such as Grateful Dead music -- and then go in for the kill."

For years, Rhoda Cook has operated a Web site named straightshooter.net which maintains a database of sweetheart con artists. Her advice to daters is the same, online or off: "Enjoy the relationship, but keep your money to yourself. That way, if it goes wrong, all you're going to lose is your heart."

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Welcome to the ICQ Over 40 user list! This is a list of ICQ users over the age of 40 who want to hear from other ICQ users who are over the age of 40. The Over 40 list is not a chat room or an e-mail server list. It is merely a database of ICQ users over 40 wanting to hear from other users over 40 for individual messaging or chat.

To use the list, simply look through it for someone who interests you, then send him/her a message by clicking the ICQ number shown with his/her entry. You do not have to sign up on the list in order to use it in this way. If you are older than 40 and do wish to display information about yourself on the Over 40 list, please use the "add me" button below.

The Over 40 list was created by and is maintained by only me, 'Berta Landin. I do not and never have worked for ICQ. The ICQ numbers listed here were accurate when I added their owners to the list. However, some of the people listed have been on the list for more than three years. In that time, they may have changed ICQ numbers or dropped ICQ altogether. I am in the process of going through the entire list and weeding out the numbers that no longer work.

Please also remember that unless someone specifically sends me an update to their personal information, I do not change that information on the list. For example, if someone gave their age as 45 back in 2003, the list still says they are 45, even though it is no longer 2003. This problem can be avoided by submitting the year you were born, rather than a specific age, if you choose to be added to the list.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the contacts you make here.

ICQ List Name: Over 40
Purpose: Communication among people age 40 and older
ICQ ListMaster: 'Berta Landin
Number Of Users: 3821
Last Updated On: August 30, 2006

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